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The management of Lekang Primary School will decide the Admission Policy of the school in terms of Section 5(5) of the SASA and in accordance with the guidelines stipulated in Section 5(1) of the Education Policy Act (Act 12 of 1998). Learners will be admitted and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, ethnic or social origin, colour, gender, sex, HIV/Aids status) disability, sexual orientation, religion, conscience, belief, culture or language.

The Head of Department shall not administer any test related admission of a learner to school or director allows the principal or any other person to administer such test. A test may be administered once a learner has been admitted to the school, to determine the placement of that learner in the appropriate programme or in a specific course and where it would be in the educational interest of the child.

Only the HoD may approve the application and the contents of these tests. The principal must obtain the prior written approval of the HoD authorising such test to be conducted. The HoD will determine procedures and guidelines which control the circumstances under which admission and placement tests may occur.

No learner may be refused admission to a school or discriminated against in any way on the grounds that his or her parent: is unable to pay or has not paid school fees, registration fee or deposit determined by the SGB; does not subscribe to (support) the mission statement of the school and code of conduct of the school, or has refused to enter into a contract in terms of which the parent waives (give up) any claim for damages arising from education of the learner.

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